Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Gary and I were here alone this morning and although we like sleeping late we miss our guests But they soon return. So, we enjoyed a cup of java and listened to the Hillary Obama Whamathon on the morning news. But the best part was breakfast. I am in love with Annie's breads, baked here in the mountains. This gal has her technique down and it is all whole grains and just a bit chewy but the piece de resistance (pardon my southern French) is Laura's honey. Laura, not unlike a lot of people in this area and the like minds that show up at Ponder Cove is raising her own bees. Laura was generous enough to give me a pot and I must confess......I HAVEN'T SHARED IT WITH ANOTHER HUMAN. It is unbelievable. It also represents these mountains and the areas around here and the people willing to rise to the cause.....bees in problem....I will raise them in my back yard in Atlanta. Thanks Laura and to the overwhelming numbers that went to bee school recently here in Western North Carolina.

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