Saturday, September 27, 2008


Welcome the Wigleys....uh oh....Pops got cheated out of his mugshot being on the blog. But let me introduce you to the most important member of the family, Tiny pictured here with his lovable mom. Here goes another amazing rescue story. Tiny first belonged to great grandparents....they passed. Tiny took his tiny broken heart and moved on to the grand parents...they passed...Tiny took his broken heart and moved on to parents...Thank goodness they didn't pass but look where he landed, a perfect ending for a perfect pup! I can attest that there are no remnants of a broken heart and all is well. So many little time. Today TINY is the DOG OF THE DAY!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Foliage

I just had to share this amazing 07 photo of my friend Kay's. She is a master photographer and uses her photographs to create the most wonderful collages...two of which I have displayed at Ponder Cove. The weather is fabulous here with crispy cold nights. So, we know the changing of the leaves is soon to follow. This photo is a sampling of what is just around the corner.

For those of you that have heard rumor of a gas shortage, it is true but it is also rumored that it will be over next week... just in time to welcome you here at the cove. And if not...I'll send the horse and buggy.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Foliage

I know it is crazy out there and everyone's financial outlook is in question But let's hunker down together and get creative. Come visit Ponder Cove and I guarantee a comfort breakfast to start your day. Then there is always wine and cheese for dinner while relaxing here and doing nothing in the evenings. doesn't that sound good. But you must travel a bit to take in what we know to be the most beautiful of seasonal events.....the changing of the leaves in North Carolina.

In the Asheville area, fall foliage season lasts from late September to early November due to the region’s varied elevations as color begins at highest elevations and creeps down the mountainsides. One of the most diverse biological regions in the world, the Blue Ridge Mountains are home to hundreds of deciduous tree and shrub species that create a vibrant palette of colors in the landscape.

The Experts Say...

Fall is definitely in the air and the cool weather trend in recent days is a good recipe for fall color, according to Dr. Gary Walker, biology professor at Appalachian State University. If the region continues to see warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights, visitors can expect to see nice fall foliage this year. It is predicted to be 46 degrees at night this week.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


WOW! All of you wild and crazy furry friends went crazy at the last minute posting comments faster than American Idol or a last ditch effort to grab that coveted item on E-bay. I could just imagine your fluffy paws banging at the keyboard in hopes of being our guest of honor here at Ponder Cove.

To remind everyone of the rules, the cut off point was August 30. So, some of the comments could not be counted. But it is with great pleasure that I announce the Grand Prize Winner and her court of 11 dynamic canines. Trumpets please......drum roll.....

the royal Chinese Crested Powder Puff

and her court
Aspen, Hunter, Ginger, Sierra, Georgia, Digby & Gryphon,
Molly & Coby, Reece, Mack, Shala, and Ginger


I promised my buddy Sam that I would post a picture of his new best girl....MEG. Lucky for Sam...his mom and dad moved him from London to New Zealand where the first call to order was the acquiring of the promised dog. Of course Meg is a working dog. Rumor has it she is working them all with her demands for attention and walks. But what a wonderful life and family she has adopted. So, Sam here is a hello from all your buds here in North Carolina....
Martha, Gary, Ponder, Buck, Dollie Mae and Tommy Rice the cat. We hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is a must to see...the Biltmore has built the most amazing carpet of flowers. Come soon and come often and take advantage of our mid-week special at

Monday, September 8, 2008


NO MORE GALVANIZED DRINKING BOWLS for your dogs. Thank thank you for the tip! The Bower family of hounds just took the time to let me know as they were worried we had one outside for the dogs. We have stainless and glass. But good to know. So, everyone take heed.


CIRO, GARY and SANDY caught us. Gary and I were without guests for a day and we decided to play hooky and treat ourselves. Our favorite river guides, Ciro, Sandy and Fritz spun off their own rafting company this summer. This is what rafting is all about folks. There we were on the gorgeous French Broad alone with Sandy to guide us thorough and share local lore with us......not your corporate, sign me up and sit me down with the rules of the day dictated by an insurance company. This is a hands on company with safety at the top of their list but Sandy was great. As she explained the do's and don'ts she also explained the why's. I came off the river much better educated and for the first time felt like I had a rafting lesson...not just a float down the river. You know we are bullish on supporting all of our small business take it from me. BLUE HERON WHITEWATER IS TOPS FOR YOUR NEXT RAFTING ADVENTURE!