Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sam-Sam. Lab Tina Peters, Owner

Sam-Sam was adopted from Labrador Friends of the South (LFS) and is the brother to Sierra. Sam goes everywhere with his mom and sister. He loves to swim, play fetch, go for rides. He is very loving and loves to snuggle. Where ever you are he will be at your feet. He thinks that he is still a small puppy and loves to be in your lap. At bed time you can bet after his tummy rub and kisses he will keep your feet warm. Thanks to the assistance of LFS our family is complete and I would recommend anyone wanting a loving lab to contact them.


Sierra, Sierra Tina Peters, Owner

Sierra is a 4.5 year old Chocolate Labrador and is the sister to Sam-Sam which we adopted from Labrador Friends of the South.
Sierra is spoiled rotten and goes every where with her mom. She loves to chase a ball, swim and go for rides on her mom's 4-wheeler.
This past April she become very ill to the point we thought we were going to lose her. She was taken to Auburn University where she lost all movement in her body with the exception of her eye movement. After going through extensive testing, great medical attention and A miracle from God she is back 100%. She is just as rotten if not more so than she was before her illness. Sierra loves to play with her brother and you do not see one of them without the other one is close behind. She thinks that she has to be snuggled up to her mom everynight at bedtime.


Cerys ( pronounced Kerris), Lab Mix
Kiki and Phil Jones, owner

Cerys is the Welsh word for love. We went to a Labradorfriends meeting on 15th Dec 2007. They had a 'Box of puppies done up with Christmas tape' and were hoping to find homes for them. They had named them after Santa's reindeer. Cerys was then called Cupid and was the smallest. She was wrapped up in a little blanket and despite that was shivering all over. She was about 12 pounds in weight and beautiful, but very, very frightened. We had not thought of adopting a dog before that day but our hearts melted when we saw her. She was described as a Lab mix and people are still amazed when they see her for the first time as they expect her to be bigger.

She now weighs about 26 pounds at 11 months and is like a mini-lab (as a friend called her) perfectly proportioned and a wonderful honey colour. As she grew it was obvious that she was quite a nervous dog who still tries to run the other way when we get close to storm drains, but she was probably wild for a time with her family, so who knows what happened to her. She has changed our lives, but for the better..We have had nothing but support from Labfriends in the early teething stages when she was so terrified of everything, the dishwasher, the car, the friendly baby rabbit in the garden. You name it and she was terrified initially. With patience and few cross words she has settled into her new life and made ours richer. We think she has 'Star quality' but that will have to be left to your good judgement


Levi. Australian Shepherd
Melissa De Jong, owner

Levi just turned one a few weeks ago so in my eyes he is still my puppy. He loves to play frisbee and chase his soccer ball. He also loves to play tug of war and liter the yard with all his toys. Although he doesn't like the waves at the beach he loves water. I love this picture of him 'winking'.


Georgia,Bluetick Coonhound Dobermann mix
Sandi and Kevin Rapillo
My Dad is a drummer and he was playing a benefit for the "Bobby Cox Paws Because ... They Are Worth Saving Fundraising" in Atlanta. As he was walking around he found me in a little red wagon and called Mom in Nashville and said he fell in love and could he bring me home...

Well, two years later I've come a long way from that parking lot in Atlanta that someone left me and my twelve brothers and sisters (who all found forever homes too!) I had mange, people thought I was getting cute white spots on my black coat...not so cute in January.

I took my first people vacation to Ponder Cove and had a great time, Martha and Gary made me feel really welcome, and my Mom and Dad met a couple from Nashville that they are now good friends with!

I take Agility, Rally and my latest class is Freestyle Dancing! It's a funny class because there is a Great Dane, Coonhound, Beagle, Basset Hound and of course the show off—a Poodle. You should see the Great Dane trying to go through her owners legs! We all have a big laugh because none of us (except the poodle) are very good...

But my favorite thing in the world is to wrap my paws around your neck and give you a big hug and if there is a treat involved, I'll even throw in a big kiss!


Belle , American English Coonhound
Neal and Joy Anderson
We searched everywhere for the dog that needed us. That's when we met Belle. When we arrived to meet her, a wiggly ball of mud burst forward into Neal's lap. Her lot was only 15 feet square and she shared it with her brother. She informed us she needed a home with places to run and fun things to do. We brought her home and after her first bath we discovered she was not red but white with red spots. The wiggly didn't wash out. As we have lived together we have found we need her much more than she needed us. She takes care of everyone around her, not just her family. Once she found a young rabbit injured in the yard. She brought him to us and we rushed him to the vet where they saved him. The vet said Belle saved him by finding him so soon after the hawk attack. We would never have seen him without her excellent nose and concern for others. She even found Ponder Cove while she was watching TV one day. So for our 6th anniversary we took our 3 year old coonhound to Ponder Cove and she wanted to stay forever. She is such a big part of our family she even visits Joy's classroom from time to time. Everyone seems to know Belle even if they don't remember our names. She was shy but has blossomed into a loving, sweet, and friendly pup. We feel blessed to have her in our lives.


Digby and Gryphon, LAP PUPS
Karen Hodgdon, Owner

They are 3 months old and so much fun!

Digby is bouncy and floppy and very playful. She is living up to her name by digging at everything. She is curious and bold and courageous, which is good because her brother is a bit more timid.

Gryphon is my thinker; he's also a cuddler. He's slightly bowlegged, so he can lay on the floor like puppies do, with his back legs sticking straight out behind him. He likes to sneak up and jump on Digby, which usually starts the wrestling match.

They are both generally appeased by rawhide - as you can see in the photo. It is a great distraction. Right now they love this big bed, but I don't think it'll be long before I'll have to get another one - they are growing up FAST!

Labrador Friends

This is a very successful adoption agency. All interested parties check it out....


Jenny, Owner
Fred is will be 8 years old in October, Cloe we adopted she will be 6 in October, Homer will be 3 years old 8/22 which was a foster and Jake is 3 years old which was also a foster flunkie. The picture was taken in the square in downtown Gainesville, GA.

We adopted Cloe when we first found out that Tazzie Fred's sister had Cancer. Tazzie and Fred where litter mates and very attached to each other. When the vets told us Tazzie's cancer was very rare and very strong growing. They really couldn't give us a time line on how long she would live. We decide to adopted Cloe to help Fred in the long run because he was so attached to Tazzie... Tazzie was the boss in the house.

Tazzie was so strong that out lived the time frame they thought. She had 5 cancer mass removals. The type of cancer she had that hadn't since in over 30 years and it was in such a hard spot they could never removal all of it. It was attached her spine and would grow outward past her lungs to her back. So the only course of treatment was removal, anything else could damage her lungs or effect her spine. So we only did the removals.
She fought the cancer for almost 4 years. We lost her to cancer 4/2/07.

We started fostering Jake or known as Jakerman with all this going on... and then foster Homer...they became buddies and part of the family... our two foster flunkies...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Katie, Casper and Kenzie, Labs

Anne & Matt Hare, owners

Katie is a rescue dog we got because our two other labs, Casper & Kenzie, were so attached and we knew that Kenzie’s passing would devastate Casper. Needless to say, the three of them formed a wonderful pack and Kenzie tolerated Katie’s youthful energy and exuberance like a champ. Kenzie lived for a year with her little pack and though we were crushed to lose our ‘old girl’ we knew that Casper & Katie had each other. Casper is a certified therapy dog, visiting patients in a local hospital and working with patients in a rehab facility. She loves to retrieve the newspapers they throw for her, pull them in their wheelchair, or just go for a slow walk next to their walker. She never met a stranger and her full body wag delights everyone she meets. Katie filled Kenzie’s big shoes well, for she is always up for a jog whether it’s 90 degrees or 20. Summer jogs are always rewarded with an immediate dip in the pool and then a long, hard belly-up nap in the air conditioning. Casper’s always ready to reward anyone with a big, slobbery kiss, but Katie is a little more reserved - must have something to do with her previous life before rescue. We’ve only recently been able to get a quick flip of her tongue on our nose, to which we squeal with delight and she excitedly jumps in circles. She’s a real sweetie who doesn’t realize she’s outgrown the lap dog stage. We’re so lucky to have been blessed by all of these wonderful dogs.



Jessica L. Ewert, Owner

Coby’s Bio as told by Coby:
I used to have a little girlfriend who passed away from a heat stroke a couple weeks before her 4th birthday. It was real hot outside and mom and dad were on vacation and the kids that were watching us took us for a walk, I got tired and stopped. The sweet kids put me under the shade while Casey (my girlfriend) wanted to make them happy so she kept going. They brought her home and brought me some water. That was the best. Life was looking good once the water got there then after a while I noticed that Casey was gone and wasn' t coming back. Mom and dad tried all they could but it did look good. So now it is me a cat and Molly.

Molly was brought home in a Hush Puppy shoe box for her new Daddy. Around Christmas her Daddy passed away in a car accident and her Mom wanted to pass her on to a loving family that could give her the love and attention she needed. Turns out that was my Dad, so now I am living with a long eared drooling pupper that has the longest body and shortest legs I have ever seen! She is great when she is sleeping which is nota s much as me but it is still great. As you can see in the picture I have learned how to make my size dominate her!


I was very impressed Angela Jergler's (Reece's mom) e-mail signature. So, I decided to pass it on.

"There must be a special place in hell for people who torture animals. Until you get there, you'll deal with me."
- Judge Judy



Angela Jergler.

I do some volunteer work here and there for Labrador Friends of the South and even tried fostering once. This one time fostering led to Reece. Reece is a 1 year old Chocolate Lab/Pit bull mix (Pitador) that I adopted from Labrador Friends on August 14, 2007. I think this foster failure thing happens to every foster parent at least once! Reece has come a long way since I adopted him. He was found by a LFS friend by the side of a road, emaciated and infested with ticks and fleas. He hasn't stopped eating since! I cannot get over how much of an attention hog Reece is. He is always looking for love and always wanting to be right under foot (which I know is a trait for both breeds). I really noticed how much Reece wants attention from everyone so tested him in my Therapy Dog organization that I am a member in with my other Lab. So, on April 19, 2008, at only 1 year and one month old, Reece became a Therapy Dog with Happy Tails Pet Assisted Therapy! He goes on visits with children in hospitals and behavioral facilities, drug rehab patients and psychiatric patients, and educates the public on being around dogs and how to treat them, and just offers his love to everyone! It's such a rewarding activity for both of us.Reece is a very active, fun, and all-around happy dog. He loves his big brother, Bennie, and every person and dog he comes in contact with. I am so happy to have Reece as a part of my life and know that he will bring me, and many other people, joy for many years to come!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


MACK, Labrador
Randall & Angela Wilson, Owner
In early 2007 we lost our nine year old Labrador, Annie to cancer. Our family (my husband, our rat terrier, Jasmine, and I) were lost and devastated. I found Labrador Friends of the South (LFS) through an internet search as we began to talk about possibly rescuing a Labrador. Last June, we decided to attend a LFS adoption day in Atlanta. I had been feverously scanning their web site, and had noticed Mack. He didn't have a foster family and had been kept in a kennel for several months.
My husband wasn't sure we were ready for another lab, so we really weren't sure that attending the adoption day would result in finding a good match. Our rat terrier, Jasmine attended the adoption day with us. She has pretty discerning taste, and she immediately let us know that some of the labs did not feel right to her - then she met Mack - a 55lb (he was a little thin) Labrador with sweet submissive energy.
Like many rescue dogs, Mack came to us with his own set of issues. He was left in a shed in Atlanta with no food or water for over a week when a landlord found him and contacted LFS. He was obviously abused and while he bonded with us from the very beginning, we soon saw signs of him not trusting people, especially if they tried to approach him.
We brought him home to our farm Hartselle, AL where he had 20 acres and a really big pond to explore, but despite the safety and comfort of a forever home, his struggles in meeting people continued. Not willing to give up on him, and with the help of LFS we took him back to Atlanta to meet with Susie Aga, the Atlanta Dog Trainer. We were complete novices in how to deal with a pooch who had not been well socialized. Since that time, we work with him constantly on being comfortable with people he doesn't know and helping him understand that WE are the alphas and its our job it is to protect the pack.
He has come such a long way. In December we took him back to Atlanta to LFS's Christmas party and fundraiser. Outside of a very rainy and cold December day, we were thrilled at how he trusted us and that he was able to be around a large group of people (we think it helped that everyone smelled like wet dogs)
As you can see from the photo, Mack loves the outdoors and would stay in the pond through all seasons, if we would let him. We chose this photo to reflect the calm silent strength and beauty of the Labrador retriever.
He has come such a long way and we would love to have him as part of your 2009 calendar.


Owners: Anna & Kevin Glaser

Dudley is a rescue from LFS who we have had for 2 years now. He is a 3-4 yr old yellow lab. He is so affectionate! (think of a 70-lb lab crawling into your lap, bed, sharing the car's front seat with you (buckled in!), sleeping on you, and kissing you every place and way he can imagine (head bent backward, mouth full of water and drool, even when you're fighting him off!) He will chase the ball until he collapses, swims fanatically, and loves to sleep on his back with his legs splayed flat on the ground. You can't help but laugh and smile when you are around him. He also walks like the Pink Panther, sort of like he's up to something, shaking his hips and long skinny body.
Sunny is an 8 yr old yellow lab we rescued from my sister in law. Sunny is the "mature" one in the family, and you definitely have to earn her love. It cracks us up when she tries to roll on her back like Dudley (she can't balance there, and doesn't quite trust not watching what's going on!) She is our watchdog, usually keeping one eye open and aware of everything! She's very smart, and determined, sometimes a nasty combination (imagine walking her on a leash, when she'd MUCH rather be walking free). But when she is loving on you and giving kisses, they are extra sweet, because she doesn't give them just all the time. She loves kids, likes to swim after she cautiously tests the water with her paws, and will snuggle up in bed-WHEN she feels like it. She's a sweet, sweet girl.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Casey - Rhodesian Ridgeback-German Shepherd Mix
Buddy - Chocolate Lab Mix

Darren & Tara Gladieux - Owners

This is Casey and Buddy. Both are rescue dogs and have the biggest hearts. Casey is the more "serious" one and loves to play tug. She is so graceful and absolutely beautiful when she runs. Buddy is the "goofy" one and will do anything to play a game of catch outside. He is also the "snuggler" of the family. Both dogs are perfect for each other and have given us hours of entertainment. They have been such a joy in our lives!


Shala, Siberian Husky

Owners-Phillip & Brandy Jones

Shala was rescued at the age of 4 from the Charlotte Animal Shelter in August of 2001. It was love at first sight and I couldn't wait to take her home. My beagle, Lacy, wasn't so sure of her new playmate, since she was three times her size. Eventually Shala became the protective big sister and we adopted 2 more dogs. Lacy and Chase have been to Ponder Cove twice and they LOVE it. Shala had to stay at Grandma's house with her brother because we didn't want any problems with the resident cat. She would have loved the mountains. We hiked a lot together before her hips wouldn't allow her to go with me anymore. She passed away suddenly from cancer in June of '08 and we miss her terribly. She loved her daddy and they would "woo woo" back and forth to each other. Eating was her favorite pastime and she never missed a meal. She was a therapy dog and visited nursing homes and the Ronald Mcdonald House. She walked in Christmas parades with the husky rescue and all the kids would ask if she was a "Snow Dog". Shala never met a stranger and we were lucky to have been a part of her life.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Dylan, Rescue
Megan Reynolds, Owner

This is Dylan, our first-born. He was rescued at about one-year's of age and we have no idea how anyone let him go. He was full of energy, but so well-behaved. He loves all people, especially children when he can give them kisses. His most favorite thing to do is chase tennis balls - which he will do until he can hardly stand any longer. Running, walking, hiking, and swimming also top his list of great plans. This picture was taken during a rare snow in Atlanta. It was his first time to see the white stuff and he had a blast, running in circles, trying to eat it, and catching snowballs that would just melt away.


Megan Reynolds, Owner

This is Mali, a recent addition to our family. She is close to 5 years old and joined us when her first "mom" tragically got sick and could no longer care for her. Mali believes that she was created for loving on and will anything in her power to get you to hug her, pet her, or preferably, hold her in your lap. (80 pound lap-dogs are the best, aren't they?!) She loves being outside, but never wants to exert too much energy. Lying in the sun in a field is more her speed. This photo was taken early one morning two days after we got her. She had no trouble making herself at home - and seems to have changed our rules about no dogs on the furniture. :)


CASH, White/Blue Merle DOG
Larry Keyes, owner

We found Cash on July 5th at the Bowling Green, KY humane society. How could you not love that funny face?! We're still guessing what breeds went into this 8 lb. bundle of energy. Originally named "Johnny Cash", the gals at the humane society thought it was neat that he was going to live in Tennessee. Cash and our other dog, Ritzi, have bonded and are tight playmates. Cash gets to visit Ponder Cove this October!


RITZ. Chi Pom
Colleen Keyes, Owner

Meet, the queen of the house. She is a rescue and at 8 lbs., she packs a lot of personality into a small frame. Her favorite activity - chasing the 12 cats we have (though she never catches or hurts them). Ritzi will be making her 2nd trip to Ponder Cove this fall!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


HONEY, Golden Retriever
Shirley Swedloff, owner

MS. HONEY reigns all the way from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Watch out for this blond southern charmer. When she barks her "bless your hearts" with that southern drawl she just drips of Blanche Duboit. AND she is always ready for her close-up.


Just in from the infamous Tom Turner...he not only is the best porcelain maker we know but heck he can cook.

3 cups self rising flower(or flour)
3 tbs sugar
1/4 to 1/2 tsp dill
1 tsp dried onion
1 12 oz. dark beer

Mix ingredients and spoon into a buttered bread pan, let rise 10 minutes, bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, (drink second beer), take out and spread butter all over the top, put back in oven(turned off) for 10 minutes, let cool and devour.

Moochy mamma baby!


FRITZ RUDI, Miniature Schnauzer
Kathryn Miller, Owner

Woof, woof everyone, Fritz here. Mama took this picture of me last year when I was just a young puppy. I pulled the toilet paper all the way from the bathroom, through the hall and into the den. Mama called it Schnauzer Shenanigans. After she got it all cleaned up I ran back into the bathroom to do it all again becasue it was so much fun! But the roll was empty. I've grown up a lot since then, but I still just wanna have fun! I like to take Obedience Classes - I have my Canine Good Citizenship certificate, I like long walks anywhere, I like to play in the ocean and on the beach in South Carolina, I like to go to doggy daycamp once a week and play with all the other dogs. I like to go anywhere my mama will take me! My favorite toy is Rope-A-Dope and I like to play tug of war with it. I like to play fetch with all my other toys.
Love & Licks,

Friday, July 25, 2008


Duece Redd, German Short-haired Pointer
Owner, Jason Redd

Duece will be 3 years old in September and judging by the photo you can
see he is quite the dude. He works Beale Street most nights representing
several ladies of the evening.

He loves to hike, go for long rides in the car, and obsesses about
anything he wants you to throw. He loves to wear hats or any article of
clothing. When we first got Duece he broke his leg at 9 weeks, so I made
the decision of performing the $2500 surgery and don't regret one penny.

He is so thankful he has chosen a life of crime to pay me back. He has
played an important role as a companion and a son and will continue
to do so if he can stay out of the slammer.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Jon Sinton, Laura Wilkinson, owners

Here are Atlas and Apollo on the way home from their daily three mile
tranquilizer--a walk at the Chattahoochee River. The boys are pound-rescue litter-mates. Atlas, the one with the white stripe, is the brains of the operation. We were told by a breeder that Atlas "Got the good blood." Not surprising for a Border Collie mix, he is hyper-aware of his surroundings and everything that moves in his field of vision. Great with hand signals, Atlas can catch a peanut butter sammie crumb long before it hits the floor--even if he is starting from across the room. Regrettably, he has a little of Stephen King's "Cujo" in him and we have to watch him carefully around other dogs in case he decides to prove his manliness. We've both had dogs all our lives, but this one is whip smart and quite the hunter while becoming cuddly when things settle down at night. He likes to lie down with some of his weight, or just a paw, on you so he'll know if you're thinking about going anywhere. Both these dogs love to spoon, whether with us or with each other, it's rare to see them lie down alone.

Apollo (at rear in photo) is our Special Needs dog. Years ago (they're
9, BTW) he started having seizures. The vet diagnosed epilepsy and put him on phenobarbital. After a couple of years of fewer, milder seizures, we noticed Apollo was aging faster than Atlas. A lot faster. So we weened him from the doggie downers and now he is gray but pretty much seizure-free. Apollo may be the beta on land, but in the water, he's in charge. He got mostly Lab blood and is die hard swimmer and hunter. You never know when he's going to bring you a present of freshly killed rodent, or worse, not quite killed rodent. Our wooded lot is rife with all manner of rodentia, so Apollo leads the parade, running from window to window, then bolting outside as soon as the door is opened. Pity the slow chipmunk. As you can see, both love the car. Ponder Cove is their Number One Fave destination!


Annette Duff, Owner

His name is POE, his leg was broken as a young pup and the breeders nursed him back to health. They named him after the panda in Kung Fu Panda. He is 5 months old, Havanese and all trained up. He is breathing new life into our big ole buddy the lab.


Ruby was our July gift to ourselves. She will be huge by Fall. A perfect Pyranese, 15.2 lbs on Saturday. I expect she will double this month alone. She is being trained by her brother, our original big guy. She can run around and act crazy for short periods of time but then he barks once and she stops. She can play with me, but she can’t growl at me or he barks. She can carry a toy around, but she cannot chew on it or he barks and she stops. This barking can occur two rooms away, but she stops and goes submissive. It’s very interesting to watch. Sometimes he doesn’t even raise his head to bark. When she is out in the yard, he is on guard and she cannot go within 2 ft of the fence or he is on her case. It doesn’t matter that she is on a lead, the fence to him is off limits.


Evangeline and Terri La More, owners

Guess where Landfill is from and Sparkie is all the way from Philadelphia.



Zeus loves water and it is almost impossible to take him out of the pool!! Zeus knows how to smile and he loves to do so when new people come to our house. He has this weird combination between crazy and sweet at the same time…so even if he does something he does not suppose to do, you can’t get mad at him…his sweet temper makes your heart melt in minutes! HE is my treasure, my baby.

When we got Zeus, we were living in a apartment…thanks to him my husband finally took the step to invest in a house..after the manager of the apartments was knocking our door almost everyday saying we needed to get rid of the dog…I told my husband: get rid of my dog? Heck no!! we get rid of this apartment and get a house where Zeus can run and play, and that is how we got our house and Zeus has plenty of room to run and play safely!!

Zeus has definitely made our lives much better. I feel I am exited after a day at work to go home…I call my house home since we have him…he makes everything much better and enjoyable!


BELLA COOPER-HOPPER, Yorkshire Terrier
Chloe COOPER-HOPPER, owner

Her name is Bella Cooper-Hopper. Originally she was just Bella Cooper, however when I married she decided to hyphenate her name. She is a wild yorkie that was born on Valentines day 2005. She is the most energetic and sweet dog in the world. She loves all foods except lettuce or spinach. Her favorite is cheese! She loves her mommy and daddy and her new baby sister (human sister) Sophie. This is a picture of her at her aunt Katie's wedding.



Tucker is a cocker spaniel who after ear surgery and the removal of both ear canals is now completely deaf. But at the age of 2 this little trouper is the most loyal dog without a mean bone in his body.


We cannot tell you how many times we've said, "Why can't Ponder Cove be closer?" The fact is there can never be another Ponder Cove, or anything remotely close to it.

Every time we get an e-mail/update, we reflect upon our time there, the folks we met, the great food, views, peace, quiet, splendor of the mountain, day trips....yadda, yadda. We have shared your info with many friends and dog lovers, with the hope they could experience a retreat vacation of a lifetime.
We will return again.


"wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves(food , company, setting, conversation....great tranquil location...I can go on....anyhoo....I will pass this info on to friends.
ALso, what beautiful photos and marketing you have done...and your blog is a hoot..superb!" Terri and Steve


Jo Jo ( Paradice's Jo Jo's China Bistro)
owner Wendy Ryan

Jo Jo is a 5 year old male Chinese
Crested Powderpuff. He was given to me by a client of mine and even though I've always been an owner of large mixed breed dogs, I fell in love with his tiny self. He is so brave, friendly and outgoing. He gets along with every dog he meets and of course loves all people.


Rocky Singer, 2 year old male Pug. Chandi Singer, owner

Rocky at one year old was a one-eyed, undernourished rescue pug who now relishes every moment of his life.

Rocky is a true canine, ready to sacrifice himself to protect his humans, even racing headfirst into the pool to rescue us, long before he knew what to do once he hit the water. Since then he wears his life vest when near the pool, has learned to swim, and as you can see from the photo he savors his time lounging on the raft while watching his human family.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Oh MY... Ms. Honey had a heck of a time while visiting Ponder Cove. She took a stroll down the Laurel River and stopped to work on her tan line. Baby, baby.... oh baby.


OH MY GAWD!!!!! As we said Dollie has made amazing progress, from country scavenger to domesticated pal. But we never anticipated this. From yesterdays posting, those of you that don't know Dollie got some glimpse into this poor urchin that showed up here 2 years ago. She had been beat to a pulp and we have been very careful with her, never knowing whether she would make the transition. We were even told to put her down. So, just this morning I ask her if she would like to go see her Daddy.....Gary was still in bed and I walked her into the bedroom. Without any encouragement she jumped right up in the bed, gave him a morning kiss and got completely comfortable. She ousted him from his side and made herself at home. It is 9:00 and we can't even get her up to eat. So, as you can see life is tough at Ponder Cove, dogs are our best friends and again I am reminded never give up on a challenge. xxoom

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dog Training at Ponder Cove

For those of you that know the saga of Dollie Mae you will be happy to know she has made a huge leap in training......well sorta. She has learned to sing and is destined for greatness on the stage of America's Got Talent. Dollie was one of those poor country dogs that landed on our doorstep, scared out of her mind and for a full year would not have eye contact with just about anyone. Slowly, she would look at you, then let you pet her a bit IF she came to you. Preferred women to men for 2 years and is really coming around as of late. We moved her to Gary's shop and fenced her in and it has done wonders. It seemed to take the pressure off of her as before she just assumed she had to protect all 92 acres and especially us. So, here is to everyone that takes on such a challenge. Be patient. These poor mistreated creatures are worth it in the end. We love our Dollie Mae.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Max Patch

Had to tell you about our recent trip to Max know that scene where Julie Andrews sings The Sound of Music....well you would swear it was filmed on Max Patch. This is definitely my new favorite place in all of North Carolina. Ponder had a blast and we enjoyed the most amazing view we've seen since living here...a must on your next trip. See you soon. m

Furniture workshops at Ponder Cove

Gary is excited to have two new students in August. Klaus, a frequent guest...thanks Klaus and Candice for loving PC.... is celebrating his birthday with 2 days of action packed woodworking. Michael Short is coming for 3 days of instruction and we look forward to meeting Michael....hmmmm I think I am inspired to invent a new breakfast dish just for my wood boys.

So, lassies know that these wood classes are a great way to get the boys to the mountains and you can go shopping. We wood widows have to stick together.

Note attached photo of one of Gary's most amazing pieces to date. It's hanging out at the furniture show in Marshall. I don't have a spot for it. Do you?....I will let you have it cheap...well sorta....Shhhhhhh....Gary will kill me for this one . xxoom

Wedding Bells at Ponder Cove

Is this not the best wedding photo ever? Meet Christina, Jason and Deuce. Ms. Banjo was in attendance as well and from her photo you can see she was not the most behaved Maid of much did she drink?? As you can see a good time was had by all. But just like Ponder Cove the wedding was dignified with a bit of tartness on the side. So, if you are looking for that perfect wedding venue in the Asheville area...well heck, come on to Ponder Cove. We'll get you hitched just right.

We have had the best weather this year. Everything is in screaming good bloom and it certainly worked out replacing plants from "afar" with native. They have grown beautifully and choked out the weeds. Alas, 5 years from opening we are in our glory. Come and see us. m