Wednesday, October 1, 2008



You don't need to spend an arm and a leg to have a good time for your mountain getaway. Why not look at this as your green vacation. That's right. You are going to enjoy the green of the mountains and bask in the fresh air. Check out all the "funness" you can have and save a dime at the same time. We are in an amazing spot for you to partake in all of this FREE "funness". We are a mere5 miles from the I-26. South we are 30 minutes from Asheville. East of us and 15 miles you will find Burnsville, a little further down you can enjoy Spruce Pine. Go west and check out Mars Hill and Marshall. And straight North beautiful East Tennessee. We really feel we are in the center of the universe. So, come explore with us.


YANCEY COUNTY is a great place to start. Check out the Ranger Station in

Burnsville to gather a load of information outlining all of the great trails in Yancey

and Mitchell County. FREE!

PENLAND SCHOOL OF CRAFT is just up the road a piece. This wonderful

treasure dates back to 1920 as a national center for craft education dedicated to

helping people live creative lives. It is a wonderful experience to wander through

the studios and gallery on this amazing knoll deep in our hills. FREE!

BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY is as green as you can get and it definitely doesn't

cost a dime. Considered one of the top ten drives in the nation you will find

breath-taking vistas. Don't just drive...stop and take in one or two of the trails.

We will even share our favorite ....SKINNY DIP FALLS. FREE!

MOUNT MITCHELL is the highest point on the east coast. Most people think

it is Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, but not so. Meet up with the Blue Ridge Parkway and let it take you to this wonderful spot for the sheer pleasure of taking

in these magnificent views. FREE!

WATERFALLS are a delight in North Carolina. Most are south of us but we are

lucky to have Looking Glass Falls and Linville Falls within an hour's drive. This

drive will take you into Mitchell County and more exploration of these hills. FREE!

MADISON COUNTY is our county and one of the most rural of the counties in

close proximity to Asheville. We are still lush with amazing country landscapes.

We can provide you with a our little map of drives and send you on your way to

soak up some local color. FREE!

MAX PATCH is my favorite spot in all of Western North Carolina. You will not

believe the gorgeous vistas all the way to Tennessee. You know the scene in The

Sound of Music where Julie Andrews sings "The Hills are Alive".....well, you

would swear they filmed that scene here ...AWESOME! FREE!

MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC is alive and rich in these mountains. Right here in

Madison County you can appreciate our new tradition of enjoying Bobby Hicks

every Thursday night at ZUMA. Of course there is the long standing tradition

at the Depot on Fridays and El Dorado on Saturdays. FREE!

FESTIVALS, so many you can't keep up. Belle Chere, L.E.A.F, and check out

the Arts Guide. FREE!

BOTANICAL GARDENS are a well kept secret here close by. Part of the

University of North Carolina, this hidden treasure boasts of 10 acres of native

flora of the Southern Appalachians.

PONDER COVE........or hang with us and do absolutely NOTHING!

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