Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok....this is a new website just kicked off today. Send to all of your friends. Not that there is reverse discrimination going on between mutts and pure breeds. But it is true that this would do wonders for the adoption movement in this country. Let's embrace the homeless. We have to save more dogs. And thanks to Sasha and Malia we can say ...YES WE CAN. Go to and join this fun campaign site where you can add your name to a letter telling our next President, that you can find a non-allergenic hound in a shelter. A copy of the letter and all the signatures will be delivered directly to the White House. You can check out the youtube video here:

As Buck and Dollie like to say...."we got real lucky" once being embraced at Ponder Cove. So, they hope that another homeless creature will find such luck as they disembark from the limo with their security in sight to take their first steps onto the White House lawn.

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