Monday, April 14, 2008

Portuguese Stew

Dang if the cold didn't creep in again but I have no room to complain. Our weather has been totally mild compared to the rest of the US of A. Instead of complaining about this gloomy day I decided to cook us up a pot of my best cold weather stew.....Boil one organic chicken until it falls off the bone. Reserve chicken stock and boil down to use later. Saute 1 chopped green pepper and one chopped onion. Add Italian sausages diced and cook until brown. Now add one big can of tomatoes, jar of hot salsa, half of a bottle or so of red wine, some of your chicken stock....throw in some garlic powder and OLD BAY seasoning, salt and pepper...Cook for around an hour. Keep tasting...keep seasoning until it is just right. Now heat up a loaf of nice crusty bread and dig in ....we plan to for sure. Weather turns bright and sunny this weekend and hopefully Spring will be back full swing. Dogwoods are peeking out and we can't wait for everything to pop....see you soon at the Cove. m.

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