Sunday, August 31, 2008


We used to have the DOG OF THE MONTH...but with all of our fab guests and these amazing photos coming looks like we are going to have to have the DOG OF THE DAY! Check out these two on such a lazy day.

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PoodlesArePeople said...

Hi, Martha, I wanted to send you a quick message. We visited you 3 years ago and absolutely loved the place, the dogs and, of course, the staff. I remembered one of your dogs had some health problems - do not know how he is doing but I wanted to share something important. Recently learned using galvinzed containers as drinking bowels can cause serious health problems; galvinzied metal with slightly acidic water can leach zinc, lead, and cadium, so, if you still have that galvinized drinking bucket, throw it down the hill as FAR as you can! Stainless steel is the answer! God Bless ALL of you,
John, Karen, Morgan and Chooey Bowers