Monday, September 8, 2008


CIRO, GARY and SANDY caught us. Gary and I were without guests for a day and we decided to play hooky and treat ourselves. Our favorite river guides, Ciro, Sandy and Fritz spun off their own rafting company this summer. This is what rafting is all about folks. There we were on the gorgeous French Broad alone with Sandy to guide us thorough and share local lore with us......not your corporate, sign me up and sit me down with the rules of the day dictated by an insurance company. This is a hands on company with safety at the top of their list but Sandy was great. As she explained the do's and don'ts she also explained the why's. I came off the river much better educated and for the first time felt like I had a rafting lesson...not just a float down the river. You know we are bullish on supporting all of our small business take it from me. BLUE HERON WHITEWATER IS TOPS FOR YOUR NEXT RAFTING ADVENTURE!

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