Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Foliage

I know it is crazy out there and everyone's financial outlook is in question But let's hunker down together and get creative. Come visit Ponder Cove and I guarantee a comfort breakfast to start your day. Then there is always wine and cheese for dinner while relaxing here and doing nothing in the evenings. doesn't that sound good. But you must travel a bit to take in what we know to be the most beautiful of seasonal events.....the changing of the leaves in North Carolina.

In the Asheville area, fall foliage season lasts from late September to early November due to the region’s varied elevations as color begins at highest elevations and creeps down the mountainsides. One of the most diverse biological regions in the world, the Blue Ridge Mountains are home to hundreds of deciduous tree and shrub species that create a vibrant palette of colors in the landscape.

The Experts Say...

Fall is definitely in the air and the cool weather trend in recent days is a good recipe for fall color, according to Dr. Gary Walker, biology professor at Appalachian State University. If the region continues to see warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights, visitors can expect to see nice fall foliage this year. It is predicted to be 46 degrees at night this week.

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