Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biltmore Set for Spectacular Season

Economy crunch or no economy crunch. The Biltmore House will be as spectacular as ever. And if you ever wondered.......note the "by the numbers" report.

50 decorated Frazier firs from 4-34 feet in the main house.
50 more at other estate facilities
1 55’ Norway spruce on the front lawn surrounded by 8 “islands”
300 poinsettias
500 other plants
1,600 bloomers
340 fresh wreaths
60 artificial
100 kissing balls made of white pine and Fraser fir
10,000 feet of garland
1,200 feet in the House and around 1,000 feet in other areas.
500 Bows
30,000 lights in the main house
125 candles
150,000 mini lights
500 gift boxes
500 ornaments
500 electric lights on the Banquet Hall Tree
12,000 on the trees inside the house
25,000 + on the estate.

There will be a quiz later. m

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