Monday, September 14, 2009


One of my greatest pleasures is coming up the drive and watching the dogs get all excited. "Mom is home! Mom is home!" They bark. Up they run as fast as they can and then plop faster than I can get out of the car, exhausted from the climb, spent from such a burst of energy...but they took it on without a second's hesitation...just because they are glad I am home.

I was reading Raquel Wynn's book today STRETCH YOUR DOG HEALTHY and ran across a great passage. "The life of a dog is high-impact. Hours are spent playing in yards, chasing critters, sleeping on hard floors, hanging out, leading family walks and just trying to get the most out of life. They are ready at a moment's notice, they greet us with complete enthusiasm every time we come home, and they loyally support us--this takes a lot of energy." We can learn a lot from our dogs...but today I learned my dogs deserve a massage for that outpouring of enthusiasm much to the chagrin of their joints.

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