Wednesday, September 30, 2009


OK, that is a bit of an exaggeration. Because of course they were going to stay. But Dollie Mae, Buck and Ponder were in serious need of an attitude adjustment. Well, I am happy to say help is here. We just finished our first session with Kim Brophy. Kim is a certified animal behaviorist and I can not tell you what a help she was.

Thank goodness as she explained...My dogs are doing nothing wrong (in their eyes). I just didn't have any tools to handle the situation. Between the three of them they are jockeying for the alpha position at all times. That is usually between Buck and Ponder. Then when guests' dogs show up Dollie Mae being the third man around here tries to dominate them. I was all concerned about my anxiety level but what she made me realize was Mom is not suffering half as much as my sweeties. That hit my heart and I want life to be better for them. So, with some great behavioral modifications for Gary and I and a dose of Melatonin (for them not us... but check with you vet as Kim insisted) I have a new situation on my hands.

Ponder is our aging dude and she made me realize it is our job to insure his position as alpha as he ages. It was a brilliant session and after Kim winning International APDT
2009 Outstanding Trainer of the Year
we can't believe our luck that she is in Asheville.

So, come on down and stay at Ponder Cove and make your appointment with Kim. You will be glad you did.

martha and her happy pups

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