Saturday, July 26, 2008


FRITZ RUDI, Miniature Schnauzer
Kathryn Miller, Owner

Woof, woof everyone, Fritz here. Mama took this picture of me last year when I was just a young puppy. I pulled the toilet paper all the way from the bathroom, through the hall and into the den. Mama called it Schnauzer Shenanigans. After she got it all cleaned up I ran back into the bathroom to do it all again becasue it was so much fun! But the roll was empty. I've grown up a lot since then, but I still just wanna have fun! I like to take Obedience Classes - I have my Canine Good Citizenship certificate, I like long walks anywhere, I like to play in the ocean and on the beach in South Carolina, I like to go to doggy daycamp once a week and play with all the other dogs. I like to go anywhere my mama will take me! My favorite toy is Rope-A-Dope and I like to play tug of war with it. I like to play fetch with all my other toys.
Love & Licks,


Marie said...

I vote for Fritz Rudi - he is adorable.

jodie said...

I DEFINITELY vote for Fritz Rudi!! He's Adorable!! He has that "Winner look" !! ... My husband's name is Fritz too, but this Fritz is better looking, more obedient, and is a better citizen ...

Kat said...

Schnauzers Rule

Anonymous said...

Fritz is the coolest schnauzer I've ever met! And a good runner too!