Saturday, July 26, 2008


HONEY, Golden Retriever
Shirley Swedloff, owner

MS. HONEY reigns all the way from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Watch out for this blond southern charmer. When she barks her "bless your hearts" with that southern drawl she just drips of Blanche Duboit. AND she is always ready for her close-up.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Honey looks like she loves that river. She must be a fly fisher at heart. She has my vote.


Marsha said...

What a precious dog! I love Golden Retrievers!

Harvey House said...

Look at Ms. Honey! She is dripping with class and personality. Now all she needs is her Biscuit!!!
Go Honey---you win our hearts and our vote!!!

Jack, Leiann, Olivia and Ashley

wanda said...

It's a great photo, and she's a beauty, she really is.