Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Owners: Anna & Kevin Glaser

Dudley is a rescue from LFS who we have had for 2 years now. He is a 3-4 yr old yellow lab. He is so affectionate! (think of a 70-lb lab crawling into your lap, bed, sharing the car's front seat with you (buckled in!), sleeping on you, and kissing you every place and way he can imagine (head bent backward, mouth full of water and drool, even when you're fighting him off!) He will chase the ball until he collapses, swims fanatically, and loves to sleep on his back with his legs splayed flat on the ground. You can't help but laugh and smile when you are around him. He also walks like the Pink Panther, sort of like he's up to something, shaking his hips and long skinny body.
Sunny is an 8 yr old yellow lab we rescued from my sister in law. Sunny is the "mature" one in the family, and you definitely have to earn her love. It cracks us up when she tries to roll on her back like Dudley (she can't balance there, and doesn't quite trust not watching what's going on!) She is our watchdog, usually keeping one eye open and aware of everything! She's very smart, and determined, sometimes a nasty combination (imagine walking her on a leash, when she'd MUCH rather be walking free). But when she is loving on you and giving kisses, they are extra sweet, because she doesn't give them just all the time. She loves kids, likes to swim after she cautiously tests the water with her paws, and will snuggle up in bed-WHEN she feels like it. She's a sweet, sweet girl.


Anna said...

Those are the cutest pups!

Jenny said...


He looks great... Looks like is all settled in at home...

very cute shot

Kristen said...

They both are adorable!

wanda (from Canada) said...

They are a sweet pair. Both very lovable, and loving.