Thursday, July 24, 2008


Rocky Singer, 2 year old male Pug. Chandi Singer, owner

Rocky at one year old was a one-eyed, undernourished rescue pug who now relishes every moment of his life.

Rocky is a true canine, ready to sacrifice himself to protect his humans, even racing headfirst into the pool to rescue us, long before he knew what to do once he hit the water. Since then he wears his life vest when near the pool, has learned to swim, and as you can see from the photo he savors his time lounging on the raft while watching his human family.


Jessica said...

Rocky is adorable, i love to hear stories of pugs that were rescued. Hopefully my dogs (Coby & Molly) don't see this but that guy so very cute!

Wanda said...

Smart boy, and it's so nice to see him with a loving home.

Gary said...

Such a brave little dog. Pugs are the best!