Monday, July 21, 2008

Furniture workshops at Ponder Cove

Gary is excited to have two new students in August. Klaus, a frequent guest...thanks Klaus and Candice for loving PC.... is celebrating his birthday with 2 days of action packed woodworking. Michael Short is coming for 3 days of instruction and we look forward to meeting Michael....hmmmm I think I am inspired to invent a new breakfast dish just for my wood boys.

So, lassies know that these wood classes are a great way to get the boys to the mountains and you can go shopping. We wood widows have to stick together.

Note attached photo of one of Gary's most amazing pieces to date. It's hanging out at the furniture show in Marshall. I don't have a spot for it. Do you?....I will let you have it cheap...well sorta....Shhhhhhh....Gary will kill me for this one . xxoom

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