Thursday, July 31, 2008


Belle , American English Coonhound
Neal and Joy Anderson
We searched everywhere for the dog that needed us. That's when we met Belle. When we arrived to meet her, a wiggly ball of mud burst forward into Neal's lap. Her lot was only 15 feet square and she shared it with her brother. She informed us she needed a home with places to run and fun things to do. We brought her home and after her first bath we discovered she was not red but white with red spots. The wiggly didn't wash out. As we have lived together we have found we need her much more than she needed us. She takes care of everyone around her, not just her family. Once she found a young rabbit injured in the yard. She brought him to us and we rushed him to the vet where they saved him. The vet said Belle saved him by finding him so soon after the hawk attack. We would never have seen him without her excellent nose and concern for others. She even found Ponder Cove while she was watching TV one day. So for our 6th anniversary we took our 3 year old coonhound to Ponder Cove and she wanted to stay forever. She is such a big part of our family she even visits Joy's classroom from time to time. Everyone seems to know Belle even if they don't remember our names. She was shy but has blossomed into a loving, sweet, and friendly pup. We feel blessed to have her in our lives.


K7BDD said...

Neal & Joy,

What a great story! The way she takes care of creatures tells me that Belle must be an 'Old Soul'.
Kudos to her for finding you guys and Ponder Cove. And, welcome to you three for joining the Ponder Cove extended family. Gary and Martha are so special - just ask any of their fury guests (me included).

Larry (& Colleen)...
and Ritzi, Johnny Cash, Mandy, Slicker, Copper, Butch, Ranger, Shadow, Cheese, Splashy, Daisy, Kallie Ann (aka Tipper), Dusty, & Magic

Anonymous said...

Belle is our grand-dog. At first, I thought she isjust a dog. But even I(not esp. a dog person, more of a cat lover) must admit, she can be pretty amazing and is unusally attached to her family. Even though we only see her maybe twice a month, she always greets us with a friendly waggine tail and body. she still thinks she is small, and like to get attention anywhere she can. She is a good addition to the Anderson family.

Old Folks said...

Belle is a sweet Grandpuppy. She loves everyone and especially her ooowoowoo (Grandpa). That is what she says every time she sees him. She is a frisky and sweet natured child in a fur coat. She loves ice cream and Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and loves to ride.

Anonymous said...

Jerry said:

Belle is a very well trained dog and is loyal to her mom and dad. She loves them so much and her expression when she looks at them tells everyone how much she loves them.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet loving dog Belle is to save that tiny bunny ! I know the feeling of you needing her more than she needs you I feel the same way about my black lab (gotten from the shelter)

Port St Lucie Florida

Rebecca Booth said...

Hi Joy & Neal,
What an interesting story about Belle. Her saving that rabbit shows what a good dog she is.
I know what you mean about you needing her more than she needs you... I feel the same way about my cat "Skunk"... it's amazing how attached we become of our animals and love them as if they are just another family member.
The best to you and Belle!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy & Neal,

I love your Belle!!!!!
She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is very clever & she's also very smart.
She is resourceful in getting her feelings across to us humans.
I love her canine expressions.
Belle is very feminine and looks so cute in her adorable outfits.
My best wishes to you & Belle.

Anonymous said...

Belle is a cute dog. She looks like the perfect picture of a hound dog. Her expression is so sweet. Best of luck to you girl.

Wanda (from Canada) said...

I have never me her, but I love the look of this dog. I have a soft spot for hounds, we have a basset. She looks like a loving, lovable girl. Just had to tell you.