Friday, July 25, 2008


Duece Redd, German Short-haired Pointer
Owner, Jason Redd

Duece will be 3 years old in September and judging by the photo you can
see he is quite the dude. He works Beale Street most nights representing
several ladies of the evening.

He loves to hike, go for long rides in the car, and obsesses about
anything he wants you to throw. He loves to wear hats or any article of
clothing. When we first got Duece he broke his leg at 9 weeks, so I made
the decision of performing the $2500 surgery and don't regret one penny.

He is so thankful he has chosen a life of crime to pay me back. He has
played an important role as a companion and a son and will continue
to do so if he can stay out of the slammer.


Doug said...

Much better looking than his owner!
It is rumored that his owner was sired in a dry cleaning accident

Christina said...

He's the most handsome gangster I've ever seen! Such posture!

Shannel said...

What a handsome fella!

Anonymous said...

Duece is adorable! I love the little hat. He looks like a little pimp.

Anonymous said...

Duece is ballin'. It's a shame we can't see his pimp cane.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture, and the expression on Deuce's face.

Anonymous said...

A very handsome boy