Sunday, July 27, 2008


RITZ. Chi Pom
Colleen Keyes, Owner

Meet, the queen of the house. She is a rescue and at 8 lbs., she packs a lot of personality into a small frame. Her favorite activity - chasing the 12 cats we have (though she never catches or hurts them). Ritzi will be making her 2nd trip to Ponder Cove this fall!


Anonymous said...

What a funny face! Love that big brown nose.

Rachel said...

Cutie dog. Glad to know she is friendly w/ 12 cats! Guess she's never bored.

K7BDD said...

She is pitiful during thunderstorms - shakes like a leaf and has to have a lap.

K7BDD said...

It must be added that Ritzi is also a RESCUE.
One afternoon I saw her darting between several cars stopped on the county road near our home. After I too brought my vehicle to a halt Ritzi disappeared from view, so opening my door to see if it was clear to proceed was her invitation to jump right in on my lap.
We kept her for nearly three weeks before finding her original mom, a young girl in her 20's who had boarded Ritzi with some so called friends, who waited over a week to mention that her puppy had escaped. So when we got her Ritzi must have been out on her own for over a week - flea ridden, skinny, and well into the foraging mode, scarfing up lint on our rug to keep her tummy full.
Ritzi's original mom came by one night with a doggy bed full of toys, and in tears hoped that we would give her a new home - she could no longer have pets where she had moved to.
Needless to say, Ritzi is now pest free and well nourished with food and love.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable dog!