Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ruby was our July gift to ourselves. She will be huge by Fall. A perfect Pyranese, 15.2 lbs on Saturday. I expect she will double this month alone. She is being trained by her brother, our original big guy. She can run around and act crazy for short periods of time but then he barks once and she stops. She can play with me, but she can’t growl at me or he barks. She can carry a toy around, but she cannot chew on it or he barks and she stops. This barking can occur two rooms away, but she stops and goes submissive. It’s very interesting to watch. Sometimes he doesn’t even raise his head to bark. When she is out in the yard, he is on guard and she cannot go within 2 ft of the fence or he is on her case. It doesn’t matter that she is on a lead, the fence to him is off limits.

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Marsha said...

wow, that face makes my heart melt. What a beautiful dog!